Salt’s Waters is an alternative heritage tour, navigating watercourses large and small, in the district of Saltaire. This sound walk is presented by Multi-Story Water.

To enjoy the tour, you will need:

1    Our map leaflet, with full details of the walk. You can pick one up from Saltaire Visitors Centre, Salts Mill, or Shipley’s Kirkgate Centre. Alternatively, you can access and print it off via these links: full leaflet or map only.

2     A smartphone or mp3 player, with headphones, containing our audio download.

There are various ways to access our sound files. If you already have one of the following apps on your phone or player, you can click below to download the walk for…



Amazon mp3 images

However please note that these sites will charge you their mininum operating cost to download.

To access Salt’s Waters for free – as it is intended! – we recommend that you use one of the following options…


Podcast.  download (2)If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, you should have the podcast app. Just click on it and search for “Salt’s Waters”, then download.

NB. Depending on your interface, you might find you have to download all the tracks individually, which is annoying, so alternatively…

This CD Baby Player allows you to download the files completely free! Just click on the “Free Album” button, and follow the instructions. Once you’ve downloaded the files to your computer, you just need to add them to your personal music library so they’re available on your mobile player. If in doubt, see instructions here for iTunes or here for Google Play

Finally, you can choose to stream the tracks, also for free, via the SoundCloud website (see player below). Just remember that you won’t have wifi out on the walk, so unless you have really good data roaming on your phone (4G), downloading is definitely preferable to streaming live.

N.B. This Soundcloud version includes an ‘Introduction’ track as a short taster. This is designed to be heard before you undertake the walk itself (although it is also embedded at the end, as ‘track 19’, on the download versions).

The tour departs from a spot close to the entrance of Saltaire’s Visitor Information Centre. To begin, you need to position yourself at the bottom of Victoria Road, standing on the bridge over the canal. Stand on the side of the road closest to Salt’s Mill.

We hope you enjoy Salt’s Waters. 


Written and narrated by Steve Bottoms

Songs written and performed by Eddie Lawler

Sound design, recording and mixing by Jon Tipler

Additional voices by Rob Pickavance and Emily Spowage

(c) Multi-Story Water 2016